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DAY 01 : Group meets in foyer at Colombo.

Departure from hotel.
Transfer to Anuradhapura.
Overnight stay at Anuradhapura.

DAY 02 : Breakfast.

Departure from hotel.
Arrival at Wesser Giriya (or Vessagirirya) and tour of monastic cave
dwellings followed by walk through paddies fields to Thissa Wewa bund
and then on to Goldfish Park.
Departure from Goldfish Park for Sri Maha Bodi. Clients may use toilet
facilities located at end of car park.
Arrival at Sri Maha Bodi.
End of morning tour including Sri Maha Bodi, the Brazen Palace (with all
its granite pillars) and the Maha Stupa (Great Stupa). But meets group on
main road just beyond the Maha Stupa.

Arrival at the Lankarama Stupa. Begin walk which takes in the Elephant
Pond (Eth Pokuna), the Samadhi Budda stature, Mahapali Refectory,
Mahasena’s Palace (with splendid moonstone and large granite slabs).
Abhayagiri Dagoba, Samadhi Buddha statue and the Twin Ponds (Kuttam
Arrival at the Twin Ponds and meet bus. Short transfer to the Jetvana
Arrival in front of Jetvana Dagoba. Commence walk starting with the
Patimaghara image house, Bo trees shrine railing, drinking water well and
finishing at Museum. Good bird watching an ancient lavatories (for the
monks) can be found beyond the far corner of museum behind car park.

Overnight stay at Anuradhapura.

DAY 03 : Breakfast.

Departure for Mihintale.
Arrival at Mihintale. Drop off clients wishing to walk up 426 stairs. Rest of
group continues in bus up to half –way point. Liaise with rest of group
and continue up remaining 350 stairs. Upon arrival at main terrace
explain to group what the options are and give them 1 hour to explore on
their own. Advise clients to use the toilet facilities before meeting up at
Liase at shoe deposit and top of stairs. Proceed back down stairs to bus.
Departure for the hotel at Kandalama.
Arrival at the hotel in Kandalama. Welcome drinks and briefing on hotel
and afternoon walks. Proceed to dining room for lunch and distribute
room keys to clients there. Meet with naturalists to organize walks.
Organize table outside for dinner.
Set off on afternoon walks, otherwise known as ‘jungle trekking’:
‘kandalama Rock’ or Puranagama (Ancient Village) walks.
Arrival back at hotel from walks.
Overnight stay at Kandalama.

DAY 04 : Breakfast.

Departure for Polonnaruwa.
Arrival at Polonnaruwa museum. Visit museum then proceed to Island
Park and its council chamber and royal baths.
Arrival back at bus and departure for main archeological site area.
Arrival at royal palace. Continue on foot from there to Shiva Devale n1,
then to the ‘Quadrangle’ (Dalade Maluwa) and visit Thuparama (Buddhist
temple done in Hindu style), Vatadage (circular relic house with covered

stupa), Atadage (Structure meant to house the tooth relic), Hatadage
(with 3 buddha statues), Gal Pota (book of stone and inscription by
boasting king), Satmahal Prasada (7 floor temple of SE Asian Influence).
Walk down stairs to board bus. Brief transfer to just beyond city walls and
ancient trade stalls. Cut across forested area to base of Rankot Vihara
(large brick stupa) and walk around to the right of it passing old hospital
on LHS. Further along turn right and climb stairs up to Buddha Seema
Pasada (old chapter house), then continue on to Lankatilaka gedige (with
17m high walls and large headless Buddha statue) and Kiri Vihara (‘Milky
Stupa’) before finally reaching car park and path leading to Gal Viharaya
and its 4 large Buddha statues carved into the granite rock.
Departure for Sigiriya Rock.
Arrival at Sigiriya Rock. Commence tour starting with quick museum visit
and loo stop, then continue on to water and fountain garden, boulder
garden, terrace garden, spiral staircase leading to celestial nymph
frescoes, mirror wall, lion’s paws platform and arrival at summit.
Overnight stay at Kandalama.

DAY 05 : Meet in reception for early morning bird watching walk.

Return to hotel from walk and breakfast.
Departure for Dambulla caves.
Arrival at Dambulla and Buddhist museum car park. Start walking.
Arrival back a bus and departure for spice garden.
Arrival at spice garden beginning of tour. Remind guide to keep it short
and skip the product presentation at end of walk around garden. If clients
would like to purchase something have them do it before lunch if crowds
Departure for the Sri Muthumariamman Thevasthanam Hindu temple in
Matale (pronounced Maathale).
Arrival at the Temple of the Tooth Relic. If anyone would prefer to go
directly to the hotel they may do so. Others may prefer to explore Kandy,
walk around lake etc.

Meet in front of Red Cross building to attend dance performance.
Dance performance beings.
Dance performance ends.
Overnight stay at Kandy.

DAY 06 : Breakfast.

Departure from hotel for Peradeniya Botanical Gardens.
Arrival at gardens. Distribute maps and offer independent visit. Point out
meeting point exit for after tour.
Departure for Udawattakele Sanctuaryand forest walk. Clients will take
rickshaw from bottom of main road leading up to entrance.
Arrival at entrance and reach bus located on other side of forest reserve.
Depart for Senani Restaurant overlooking Bogambara Lake.
End of lunch. Clients are free to go back to hotel, explore Kandy, walk
around Bogambara Lake. Walk clients down towards town and point out
meeting point at stairs leading to lake shore.
Overnight stay at Kandy.

DAY 07 : Breakfast

Bags ready and outside rooms.
Departure for Glenloch Tea Plantation.
Arrival at Glenloch Tea Plantation.
Start tea plantation walk (with tea plantation worker(s) if not all
members of the group will be able to complete the walk).
Arrival back at tea factory and restaurant. Do quick tour of tea factory.

Arrival at Nuwara Eliya. Check clients in and distribute bags.

Meet in lounge room for walk down to Victoria Park and late afternoon
bird watching.
Arrival back at hotel.

Overnight stay at Nuwara Eliya.

DAY 08 : Departure from the hotel for Horton Plains.

Arrival at main entrance to park.
Groups starts walking.
Arrival at World’s End.
Arrival back at main entrance.
Optional tour Haggale Botanical Gardens (2hrs including 20 min journey
and 20 min journey back) or Single Tree Mountain walk (1h 45 mins).
Overnight stay at Nuwara Eliya.

DAY 09 : Breakfast.
Departure for Ella.
Departure in bus to stating point of walk near Hindu temple.
Commence figure 8 walk through tea plantation and up to Little Adam’s
Departure for Tissamaharama. Stop a Rawana falls along the way for 15
Arrival at Tissamaharama.
Overnight stay at Tissamaharama / Yala.

DAY 10 : Departure in jeeps for Yala National Park.

Arrival at park entrance.
Optional afternoon walks 1)Wedasiti Kandha, 2)Rice paddy and Yoda Lake
bund walk, 3)Kirinda beach walk.
Arrival back at Tissamaharama.
Overnight stay at Tissamaharama / Yala.

DAY 11 : Breakfast.
Departure for Galle.
Plt stop at Tangalle.
Departure for Galle.

Arrival at Galle. Commence walking tour along ramparts and through
town. Tell clients to meet at base of clock tower/flagpole at 18:00.
Return to the hotel.
Arrival back at hotel.
Overnight stay at Galle.

DAY 12 : Departure for Kanneliya Forest Reserve.
Arrival at Kanneliya Forest Reserve. Breakfast
Start walk.
Finish walk.
Departure for Galle.
Meet group and return to the hotel.
Overnight stay at Galle.

DAY 13 : Breakfast.

Departure for Colombo International Airport.
Arrival at airport.
Departure time for recommended flight.

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